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Dear Friend

if you were to consider a holiday in or a pilgrimage to Israel, what criteria would you use when making your decision. If it were me, here is my list of the things I would look for:-

A Christian company who are not only interested in me encountering the historical Jesus but who have a vision that each holidaymaker/ pilgrim return home having encountered the living Jesus and been drawn closer to him.

A flexible itinerary that caters to my interest whether that be seeing as much as I possibly can in a short amount of time or a more leisurely approach allowing space for rest and recreation.

A quality experience but one in which prices are kept reasonable.

An opportunity to meet with fellow believers and see something of local life.

There are many more things I could add to my list such as having a Christian tour guide who has love of teaching and speaks good English. Nice hotels with good food and people who really are part of the country and know what they are talking about.

Little details perhaps, but things that make the difference between a ' good holiday ' and having a ' life changing experience '.
So if you find my ideas appealing I would like to suggest to you our family run company, ' In his steps ', a company run by myself in England and my Brother in Law in Israel. My husband an Anglican Vicar, was born and raised in Nazareth. With myself an ' Essex-girl ', and our three daughters we visit family and organise groups to Israel regularly.
Our most recent group included a group organised by the Archdeacon of St David's who commented as follows ' They (in His Steps) were Excellent throughout. Our group had control over its itinerary, had a Christian guide who had real sympathy with the aims of the group and was able, through Christian contacts to access things that other groups might have found difficult ' . He further added ' The web site of the company which all members of the group are happy to recommend, is www.inhisteps.com '.
You are here now, please have great fun as you tour through our web site.

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